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Eric Lanlard Interview!

Eric Lanlard Interview!

Eric Lanlard does not need any introduction. He is a very well-known master Patisserie, author and presenter of TV series Baking Mad. He owns Cake Boy which houses a cookery school and a Cafe  lounge.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Eric Lanlard when I visited Cake Boy last month. I requested an interview with him and he most graciously agreed to it.

What is the first thing you baked and how did it go?

Éclairs aged 6!  I knew from that age that I wanted to be a pastry chef and I had big ambitions with zero experience at that time so of course my first bake did not go well but I persevered!

How many cakes have you baked for royal families around the world?

Obviously we work strict confidentiality agreements when working with Royal Families or VIPs.   Everybody always assumes I only do work for the British Royal Family but we actually do a lot of work abroad too for royals.  I am very proud that we get many return orders which is always a good sign and recognition that we deliver a great service. 

Which one of these royal cakes was your favourite?

For me it will have to be the Birthday cake to celebrate The Queen Mother’s 101st birthday.  It was for a very private affair with only her family and I had the privilege to meet her on the day.   

Are there any celebrities you want to bake for?

I always consider all my customers to be VIPs but of course you do get excited when you get that phone call from a real life VIP.  I would love to Bake For Catherine Deneuve as she is my all time French icon.  And yes creating a Cake for Miss Winfrey would be amazing too!

Any important tips you want to give new bakers?

I always say take the time to learn your technique – practice makes perfect, work hard and listen.   You need your basics otherwise you’ll never progress.   Also accuracy is important so follow the recipe and instructions.  Baking is a science so you need to stick to the rules.  

eric lanlard interview
         eric lanlard interview

You have launched an app, are you planning to launch a Cake Boy Game as well?

Our App is here to help people to access recipes wherever there are.  Cake Boy app contains lots of baking classic recipes that have bene tried and tested.  There isn’t a plan for a Cake Boy Game as yet.

Which is your favourite savoury dish?

I am from Brittany in Northern France, I love rustic cooking which is typical of my region.   Seafood and cheese are my absolute favourite – thank goodness I do not have a sweet tooth.  I am actually a savoury person – my favourite or ‘go to’ dish would be Coq au vin or Steak Tartare.

 The best restaurant food (from your travels) you can never forget. Where is it?

In London it will have to be the Legendary  Le Gavroche, in South Africa The Test Kitchen, Cape Town and in Australia  Quay, Sydney.

 Tell us about your new book!

It does not feel so new anymore it’s been a year since it was published in the UK.  It’s a book dedicated to the celebration of afternoon tea.  There are delicious recipes that include savoury bites and sweet bakes – it’s a stylish guide to creating a glamorous afternoon tea – a trip around the globe in terms of flavours and ideas.   

 What is the best chocolate dessert you have ever created and los the most?

My West Indies chocolate tart that features in my Tart it Up book is a firm favourite.   Chocolate is my favourite ingredient to work with and this recipe is a great testimony of how I work getting my inspiration from my travels …in this case the island of Grenada in the West Indies.  

Eric Lanlard
Eric Lanlard West Indies Tart

Thank you so much to Eric Lanlard for this interview. I have been inspired by Cake Boy and his cookbooks. I am also planning to join his summer classes. For more information about Cake Boy and summer classes visit Cake Boy website.