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My name is Muntaha Saleem. I am a Telecom engineer and Business owner of Pc House London Limited. I am passionate about cooking delicious food. I love to cook Asian and continental dishes. I am from Pakistan and can cook every Pakistani dish which exists. I have not had any professional training. My mother has taught me eveything that I know about cooking. My passion for cooking started when I was in 10th Grade. Since then I have been cooking for my family and friends.

I always wanted to start my own food blog so that I can share my recipies with the world. But I could not get time as I was busy in getting education and then starting a business. But at last as business is going smooth (Thank God!) so now I have some spare time to concentrate on my Food Blog.

I love Fish and Chicken cooked in any way. I love green tea and have a lot of various flavours in my cupboard to prove it. I love the sweet aroma of green tea. I also love Flavoured Ice Teas in summer. I love making fruit salads. I love baking cakes. I bake a cake almost every other day as my husband is huge fan of my cakes.

In this blog, I will basically share recipies for delicious snacks, desserts and Main Course. Since its really important for us to know the nutritious value of the food we eat, so I have decided to also write about the nutrients of different food items like fruits and vegetables. You will find this information in Food Dictionary Category. Morever, you will also find some recipies for Cold or Hot drinks here which are my favourite.

I hope that you enjoy making and eating these recipies as much as I do with my family and friends. Have fun!